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Make a Friendship Bracelet - wikiHow

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

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Friendship bracelets are easy to make and look great on your wrist for all ages. For traditional friendship bracelets, you tie a bracelet to your friend's wrist. There are many different kinds, including round ones, flat ones, and the cross knot friendship bracelet, but the candy stripe friendship bracelet, shown here, is one of the easiest and fun to make. It can be done with 2+ colors. The more colors the wider it is.


  1. Buy embroidery thread, sometimes called embroidery floss or embroidery string, at a craft or sewing store. Embroidery floss is thicker than normal sewing thread, and comes in many different colors. You must have more than one color to create a striped effect. The more colors you choose, the wider the bracelet will be.
  2. Take the first color thread and make it the length just slightly larger than from your fingertip to your shoulder. The length you now have is the correct length. (If you want two stripes of the same color, you need to cut two pieces!)
  3. Cut a piece this length from each of the other colors. You should end up with six strings of any color, but to make it look cool use more than 2 different colors
  4. Tie a knot at the top
  5. Take the far left string and make a forward knot. Pull the first string through the "opening" in the four and then pull it up and tighten to make a knot. Repeat this step again on the same string.
  6. Pull the first string over to the right and repeat the steps above, but using the next string in each case.
  7. Work this way for all the strings to complete the first row of all the same color horizontally.
  8. Start next row using the string to the far left
  9. Repeat all the steps until you have the row done.
  10. Keep going until the bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist comfortably. To make sure it fits well, try it on your wrist, there should be enough extra room that you can fit about 2 fingers in next to your wrist, since the bracelet can shrink in water and become too tight (although it will stretch back out when dry).
  11. Tie the loose ends of your strings with a square knot, just like how you started the bracelet.
  12. Tie the bracelet onto your wrist (or your friend's) at the right length with a knot, like the first part of tying a shoelace, but do it twice - this is a square knot. It helps if you can get someone to help you here, but it can be done alone.
  13. Trim any loose ends. You can also add charms or beads to the ends for decoration, simply slip them on the floss and tie a knot beneath them.
  14. Give the finished product to a friend!



  • There are many books you can borrow or buy on bracelet making if you're wanting to learn more and want to make different styles.
  • Once you get the basic knot worked out, you can create your own patterns and designs.
  • Don't get frustrated, even if you make a small mistake. Just keep going, stay calm and it will come out fine.
  • There are various ways to hold the bracelet in place while you're making it.
    • The most common method is to put a safety pin through the knotted end and then pin the bracelet to the leg of your pants (on your thigh) far enough away from through that notch. Cut several notches in the bottom at a 45° angle so that you can move the embroidery thread over each time. This keeps the bracelet from twisting and makes it easier to set down and pick up without having to sort everything out again.
    • Some people leave a little extra thread at the beginning to tie around a toe. Toes can be convenient holders, as long as you are flexible enough to get near them.

  • Choose your colours carefully. You could use his/her favourite colours, or you could let each colour represent something (e.g., red=love, yellow=fun, etc.).
  • If your bracelet starts to twist, iron it flat.
  • If you do two knots in a row of the same thread on each strand, the bracelet should not roll, but lie flat.
  • If you make the knots backwards (i.e. a backwards "4" when you start the knot), the angle of the pattern will be opposite. You can use this to make a bracelet with an arrow shape or a zigzag pattern.
  • To help the thread move smoothly while making the bracelet, and possibly avoid breakage if you are pulling it really taut, first coat the strands with wax. You can pull them across an old candle.
  • Put tape at the top of the knot to keep it in place.
  • If you are worried you will forget the order of colors, write them down.
  • If you make a bunch you could sell them for some extra money.
  • There are many ways to make Friendship Bracelets. Experiment and make the one that is easiest for you!
  • One option is to use the same color for all strands, so that the beauty of the bracelet is in the color you have chosen and in the texture. This can be good for people who think the bracelets look girly or immature. However, working with strands of the same color can be frustrating. If that happens, tie a very short length of a different color to the end of each strand to help you keep the order straight.
  • If your work tends to twist up, especially with this design, use a paperclip to hold it straight. Move the paperclip as you work. It'll keep just the place you're working on smooth, but that should be enough.


  • Embroidery thread is very thin. Be careful that you do not tie knots in the wrong place. If you do, it's not the end of the world; you can always pick the knots apart with a pair of tweezers or a safety pin, but it's tedious and once in a while causes a thread to break. It is very hard to untie knots in embroidery thread.
  • Sometimes the pattern starts to twist, this happens when there is a knot tied in a wrong place or there are too many knots in a piece of string/thread. When this happens, just re-trace your steps and fix the knots. If you have already finished your bracelet, you can lightly iron the bracelet so that it is flat and as good as new.
  • Try not to get your fingers stuck in the knots, or tangle the thread.
  • If you make a traditional bracelet and leave it on your friend's wrist, don't do it too tightly. You could either cut off the circulation, or be unable to get it off, ever!

Things You'll Need

  • Four or five different colors of embroidery thread makes a really skinny bracelet.8-10 strings works better. Try using two of each color.
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Scissors to cut the string
  • Tape - It'll hold the string down as you go and make it much easier to work on the string.
  • A Pillow* If you pin it to a pillow, it holds down well, and it's a little more comfortable.
  • Clipboards work really well too (instead of tape or a pillow and pins duct tape)
  • Safety pin, (pin it to your pants and then you can take it anywhere)!

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Millions of possible color combination's 

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Friendship Wheel Individual

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Basic Design - Candy Striper 

cc licensed flickr photo shared by amanda.venner

1. Arrange your threads in the order you would like to see your stripes. About 6 lengths of string (each 3 feet long) will produce the thickness in the photo to the right. To get thicker lines of color, use two or more strands of that color.

2. Before you begin, you need to tie together all the strands from the end you will be working from. Alternatively, use a strong clipboard like shown in the diagram.

3. Now for your first knot use the first strand on the left and make a basic knot over its neighbor string - twice.

5. Now take that same knotting string and continue making double basic knots over each of the other strands in the row.

6. Ready for row 2 - do the same as above using the new first string on the left as your knotting string. Continue this way until the end of your bracelet.

7. Tie off the ends.

Fun For Mom Too 

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Friendship Wheel

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My nine-year old told me she thought it was relaxing, and I agreed so much that I came back and bought another set for myself and several of my co-workers! It's fun and amazing all at the same time, for young kids through grown-up kids.

Friendship Wheel

The bracelet made out of the friendship wheel is round and very professional looking.

It has four patterns, one with little hearts, one with little diamonds, one with little flowers and one with stripes.

I have made the one with little flowers and it is extremely pretty.

The bracelets are very easy to make, and I made the bracelets while watching TV, keeps my hands busy.

But keep in mind that I am a grown-up.

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